Highest resolution in 3-D graphics
Clearly visible through 16 million color of high brightness
Highly portable and low energy consumption
Adaptable to any space
No Internet required
HD quality projections of images of up to 56cm in span
Secure and reliable with 24/7 Tech support
Net weight 2.8kg Noise output 45db
Includes: Rotor,Motor Module,Remote Control, Wall bracket
Mobile application for real time control
Access to HYPERVSN 3D Studio
Media planning in advance
Content creation
Software Development Kit
Cloud CMS
Pro Management Software
24/7 Tech Support

The customers spend minimum 15 minutes at our locations!
We guarantee that your advert will be noticed!

Minimum duration of marketing campaign
Duration of advertising spot inside the loop, repeating every 7 minutes
for 45 min
Minimum number of advert appearances during the day
Minimum of monthly advert appearances per location
Maximum number of advertisement spots on the location
Minimum number of locations
Immerse the crowd with interactive content provided by our high-quality hologram device. Through holographic display be the trendsetter on the market. Boldly go where no brand has gone before.

Boost the sales of your through digital marketing and be one of the first to tap into the future of brand expansion. Holographic display might be just a projection, but it will materialize in numbers!

Provide the public with unique way of brand exposure. First impression always stays with the customers. With holographic devices and 3-D projection you will create an experience they will never forget!

Digital out of home
Grab the opportunity to reach your customers while they are outside of the home. Do not limit your brand to internet and television. Expand the reach through holographic advertising and beat your competition.
3-D display
Use the full potential of the wow effect that hologram device has to offer. Replace the need for static images of billboards and use the magic of full 3-D holographic display this technology can offer.

Through our software you can change the content of your advert at any time. The possibilities of how through represent your brand at any given location in real time is endless. Set your imagination free and project it into the 3-D world

Word to Mouth
Known as one of the most efficient ways of marketing ever to exist. Holographic technology does the job for you! Imagine your brand seen by the crowd floating in midair in 3-D fashion. Wouldn’t you tell your friends about the experience?

Advertising caries a very important social aspect. One of the main reasons why digital marketing is so successful on social media. Be the first one to deliver the same principle in the real word. Create the buzz with interactive approach of digital holographic advertising in front of the eyes of customers. Be the pioneer in this field!

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