What is hologram technology?
A new generation LED-based Device that produces exceptional 3D holographic visuals.
Do I need 3-D glasses in order to see your product?
No, it is visible under all conditions without any additional assistance from other products like glasses.
Are holograms harmful to the naked eye?
No, 3-D projection is not harmful! Except the products feel more appealing than on television or mobile phones, be careful with your wallet.
Are holograms only black & white?
Some of them are, but HYPERVSN displays with over 16 million colors. We got you covered.
Do holograms work at daylight?
Yes, they work but as with any opposing light sources the quality will be affected.
From which angle do I need to look at the hologram?
The purpose of the hologram is that it creates a 3-D image, the eye of the beholder can see it from every angle.
I fear that I won’t be able to manage such a device, do you offer any assistance?
Of course! Installation is done exclusively by us and the management of the software. We also provide 24/7 customer support.
How many products do I need to buy to project an image?
That’s a good question! Like any other product it depends on your needs. For more information feel free to contact us.
Can I create my own hologram design?
We offer software development kit as a part of the package, this give our customers the aspect of freedom with using our product. Be creative!
How much space do I need to accommodate holographic technology?
Minimum space is required! Image projected from the holographic device is 56 cm in span and it can be mounted on almost anything, we will advise you in regard to space management don’t worry. Feel free to contact us for more information
Where can I see this technology live in Croatia?
We are present at more than 100 locations across major cities all over Croatia. For more details you can contact us directly or browse the locations directly through our map.

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