Marketing trendsetters

Holo Lab is a new DOOH (out of home) digital company which idea is based on unique advertising of products or services from different sectors. The primary purpose is to provide customers with organized and transparent advertising and transform the current marketing approach through revolutionary 3d technology. Using our Hypervsn devices we want to become leaders of the next generation advertising.

Marketing trendsetters

Revolutionary 3-D technology

This revolutionary 3-D technology will transform the marketing approach as you know it. We strive in making the audience feel like they are witnessing an experience not only seeing an ordinary advert. Our approach is to evoke the kid in the mind of the observer and the magic that captivates their imagination long time after they see the advert.

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Juraj KolovratJuraj Kolovrat
Executive Director
Sany VranješSany Vranješ
Development of analytics and processes